Friday, January 4, 2013

My view of religion

I wish I could express my view on religion within the confines of one blog article, however it is far too complex than that and likely to be misunderstood. Nonetheless, I will try my best.

Firstly, I accept all religions as having value and I support the idea that each man, woman and child is probably in the religion they should be. I believe people should be free to switch religions whenever they wish. However, the real quest for truth occurs on the inside, not externally in the doctrine itself. The truth of a religion is expressed in the fruits more than in the words or the belief.  For example, I could have amazing descriptions of how an exotic fruit tastes, but because I never tasted that fruit, in reality, all my descriptions, however eloquent, are not the truth; the truth is in the experience of the fruit and only in the experience.

Therefore until one actually experiences the things described in a doctrine, it is conjecture or theory. We likewise should not take other people's word for it. We must experience it all ourselves. When imagination gets heavily involved in religion, this is when illogical and insane actions are performed. Sometimes however the religious man is revealing truths about his own real experience. We should learn to discern the difference between the two. Some atheists believe all religious people are insane and some of those religious people with true experiences might even think that about their "inexperienced" brothers and sisters. It is hard to find an atheist who has budged enough from his stance to recognize the difference between a true experience and imagination, because they believe it is all imagination.

I think it is quite evident that most people need religion; it is a pillar of society. Religion is bound to culture. It provides a stability needed for families to be built. Recently it has become popular to bash religion, however those who do so fail to understand the critical importance of this institution. To destroy religion would be like to break two of the legs of a table and expect the table to stand. (The table represents society.) It is a fact that atheists have fewer children than religious people. But still atheism is growing, especially in the west. It seems today that socialism is replacing some, but not all, of the vital functions of religion.

I do not hold the view that atheism is the correct philosophy. It seems to me to be yet another fanatical religion, more an offshoot of consumerism and socialism. An atheists says either that God does not exist or that he is irrelevant and certainly not personal. My experience of God is that the opposite is true. Not only is He the source of existence itself, but in fact He could not be more personal. He is "hyper-personal," being embedded right at the core of who we are. This is truth, because it is experience. An atheist might say it is imagination and I would reply, "It is you who is imagining that my experience is not real.  What I experience is real and needs no confirmation from a third party. In fact, until you practice my techniques of finding God you cannot possibly confirm my experience. And since you are so skeptical, you never will try it. That is sad. You will always be ignorant of what I know."

On the flip side of the coin, Christians may come to me and complain that my view is not from the Bible. I would wholeheartedly disagree. I believe Christ was speaking about having real experiences of God, which are all within. There is not one statement made by Christ which I don't 100% support. However, I disagree sometimes with the interpretation some take. The Bible has undergone many translations and to really understand it, you need to have experience of the truth. You cannot simply read the bible and expect to know it. The true understanding comes from within.

Religion will transform in the future. I don't believe people will wake up and suddenly switch to one or another. Religions will merge into one common truth. Even atheism will merge and they will all meet. All religions have value and all true religions are based on true experiences, therefore the true religions will last because they will be proven correct.

There should be no more religious wars; we should respect the reasons why one religion performs rituals a certain way. I think the mixing of religions and societies is difficult because so much of what influences a society comes primarily from religion. So the mixing of religions in one geographic area in the short term represents a great challenge to society.

In conclusion, I respect all true religions and believe the world will continue to unify until science and religion merge into one. The question is only when?


  1. I want to surrender myself to God, can you please tell which religious / spiritual path is best for that? Will I be able to start hearing God by following the teachings of your book "Kriya Secrets Revealed"; can you hear God? If you can hear God then can you please tell by asking God that what I've written on the piece of paper? If you can hear God then can you please tell how much time it takes to hear God by following the teachings of your book? I'm requesting you to ask God that what I've written on the piece of paper because there are multiple religious / spiritual paths and this is the way I'm testing which path to follow.

    1. Many paths promise to teach complete surrender to God through the use of symbols, such as bowing, dharmic acts, prayer, song, meditation, surrender with words. These are all of the mind. Only Kriya teaches true and complete surrender with your very consciousness itself. Therefore it is not symbolic. Complete satisfaction only comes by experiencing God in His perfect state, which can be had in human form while alive through the Kutastha-Void in the center of the brain. The True Kriya teaches an exacting sequence to get you there. False Kriyas, off by one step, will never take you to that point. False religion will not liberate you.
      This method you ask to verify the true path is dangerous. Anyone well connected to demonic forces could easily give you the answer to this question. I suggest you abandon this and rather use your reasoning power to determine if what I told you makes sense or not?
      In any case, I am confident no other path would satisfy you.

    2. Thanks a lot for replying. I understood.

  2. I support the Yukteswar work. The coincidence between the beginning of the Western Age of Enlightenment and the beginning of the ascending Dwarpa Yuga is overwhelming for me... You seem to want to minimalize the credibility of Yukteswar, but his book was commissioned, not self authored. The book was commissioned by a deathless saint, one who is confirmed as living for hundreds of years, one who does incredible miracle... Doubt is a poison for the right innocent mind. It invokes a death where demons are there to steal... Perhaps in your rewrite, you can cool the mistrust....

  3. When we look at the history of religeon what we see is constant branching. Religeons don't join, they schism into rival sects. So why on earth do you think that the future of religeon will be different and that we will see religeons join together again. There is just no historical precdent for it happening.

  4. You are conflating psychological expirence with external reality. WHen you have an expirence all you can say is that you expirenced soemthing. Its not aumoatically true that just becasue you had a feeling of gods presence it means that god was indeed present. THere are other real world explanations which can account for why you had that psychological expirence.